I’m a Bookmoocher!

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So, I’m going back on what I said in my last post. I actually do have a few books that I could part with…especially if it means I get some new (to me) books. Basically, that’s what Bookmooch is all about: I list books I’m willing to give away and I make a wishlist of books I’d like to get. BookMooch is a community for exchanging used books. And, so far, it seems to be working. I have received and given away several books without a hitch. How cool is that?

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Memo to Crafty Self: Use CraftMemo.com

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CraftMemo logo
I love crafts…scrapping, knitting, you name it. The truth is, though, that I’m more of a craft rookie so keeping up with my growing stash and projects is a little overwhelming. Enter my new best friend: Craftmemo.com. CraftMemo helps you organize & keep track of all your craft goodies, projects and suppliers; generate detailed lists of your inventory, out of stock items, what you need for a project and where to purchase them from; and plan what supplies you need & calculate the cost for your upcoming projects.

Features of CraftMemo (from the website):

  • Easy to use and flexible record management system
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and search capabilites
  • Ability to upload images of your craft supplies and completed projects
  • Generate and print inventory, supplier, project requirements, out of stock lists
  • Import/Export data from commonly used Financial Applications (Excel, MYOB, Quickbooks, etc)
  • 24/7 access to your inventory and projects information from anywhere
  • 100% Web based. No downloads. No Installs. No Virus. No Spam.
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Marktd: Digg for marketing articles

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marktd logo

Marktd is a reference system that highlights marketing articles considered valuable by the marketing community. Marketers submit articles they either write or just find on the web and other marketers vote on the value of those articles. The most popular articles reach the front page.

Has the potential to be very cool resource for marketers and other interested folks, but the abuse potential factor is pretty high, too. It’s hard for a lot of us marketing/promotional types to deny old habits and not look for a way to self promote. Another reason why going Pinko is so appealing…it lifts the burden of constantly needing to get the edge and outwit your customers/readers/clients/partners/competition.

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Zaadz: Planting the Seeds for Growth

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Connect. Grow. Inspire. Empower. That’s basically Zaadz in a nutshell. Ready to let go of your cynisism and search out a community of welcoming, diverse, open, and intelligent people. Give Zaadz a try. I did. And I love it. Only good things can come from stuff like this.

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Minti Fresh

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Minti - powered by parents

What they say:
Advice. For Parents. By Parents. Minti is your place to publish your seasoned parenting advice. Contribute to the only dedicated “advice-opedia” for parents on the web. Share, rank, comment, and search.

It looks to me like this site has potential. We’ll see….

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Round those corners without using images

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Nifty Corners Cube

Nifty Corners Cube by Alessandro Fulciniti.
One of the many very cool tutorials on rounding corners in web design. This one is particulary neato because it’s done without the use of images using javascript and CSS.

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Crazy Egg is Crazy Cool

Posted on March 24, 2006. Filed under: general, Web2.0 |

The very cool folks at Crazy Egg saw my post on this quiet little blog and invited me to try out their beta. First off, let me say the set up is super simple and response is quick. I just set it up on my company’s site (www.globalcache.com) this morning so I don’t have too much feedback yet, but I’m liking what I’m seeing. I very briefly showed the big boss man (our CEO) how it works and he was impressed enough to ask for a demo at our next company meeting on Wednesday. I love when the hype measures up to the product. Having been through the last “bubble,” I take pleasure in recognizing a technology/service that might actually move beyond buzzwords and into a viable business model.

Thanks, Crazy Egg.

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I want Crazy Egg

Posted on March 22, 2006. Filed under: general, web design, Web2.0 |

crazy egg

I am dying to try out Crazy Egg. Of all the Web 2.0 over-hyped betas getting ready to launch, this is one I’m eagerly awaiting. I think Crazy Egg will be an incredibly valuable tool…especially for fairly lazy marketing and design folk like myself. Web logs are great and all, but I would love a visual tool to detail clicks, etc.

For more information on Crazy Egg, read the TechCrunch review and Read Pete Cashmore’s write up.

On a similar, but more basic front, I’ve just started testing Mapsurface which a little snapshot tracking widget that might be pretty handy also. Check out Andy Budd’s review for more info.

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TalkCrunch: TechCrunch Network Podcast

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The Web Apps I Actually Use

Posted on January 30, 2006. Filed under: general, Web2.0 |

Fred at WeBreakStuff asked his readers what web applications they are actually using. Being the Web 2.0 beta ho that I am, I had to think about which apps I actually use on the Web versus what ajaxy sites are just fun to play with or look at. Below is the list I came up with:

What do you use?

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Newsvine.com: Citizen Journalism Meets Mainstream News

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Newsvine Logo
Being the Web 2.0 beta whore (keep your elitist moaning to yourself!) that I am I try to apply for just about every new beta that catches my eye. I get excited, play with it for a few days, and usually move on to the “next big thing.” Every once in awhile I actually find something valuable that in some way makes my work and/or home life easier or better. Newsvine is my new favorite. I know it may not be the best and brawniest of the news aggregators or the coolest of the digg-style rating sites, but I’m in love with Newsvine. Love it, I tell you. I get my news and writing fix in an aesthetically appealing and clever way. My way. Don’t take my inexperienced word for it, go check out what some of the bigwigs in the blogosphere say:

From Newsvine.com’s CEO, Mike Davidson:

Newsvine is a large-scale news media site which gives you almost all the same stories you read on sites like MSNBC and CNN but presents them in a much more attractive package. Attractive not just in looks but in function as well. At Newsvine, we feel strongly that an article’s life only begins the second it is published. It is only when readers interact with it that it achieves its full impact.

  • Mike Davidson also gives a long follow-up on Newsvine’s first day in private/public beta.
  • SolutionsWatch has an excellent and very detailed review in The First Look at Newsvine.
  • Om Malik gives some interesting company history on his blog.
  • Steve Rubel seems to like Newsvine, too, but does point out some flaws with how they aggregate news.

I’m not sure when they plan to come out of beta, so if you’re interested in an invite, please email me at zenrusty at gmail.com and I’ll hook ya up.

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Posted on November 22, 2005. Filed under: blogging, Web2.0 |

Ok, so I’m one of those “been there done that? old school webmaster’s that started building websites with HomeSite years ago and then moved on to “WYSIWYG? crappola apps like HotDog and eventually landed on Dreamweaver. Somewhere along the way from web maker to marketing hack, I missed out on a lot of really cool innovations and developing web standards. Now I’m trying to piece together my webtegrity and start fresh with the newer concepts (and de facto hot topics) of Web2.0, css, web standards, and the less is more idea around the semantic web.

In my quest to reprogram my webmind, I thought I’d share some of my discoveries with those of us still trying to sort it all out. Probably, the best place to start is by taking a look at some of the websites that are being tagged as 2.0 by visitors and users. Your first assignmnent is to go visit del.icio.us and check out what their users are calling Web2.0.

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