Memo to Crafty Self: Use CraftMemo.com

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CraftMemo logo
I love crafts…scrapping, knitting, you name it. The truth is, though, that I’m more of a craft rookie so keeping up with my growing stash and projects is a little overwhelming. Enter my new best friend: Craftmemo.com. CraftMemo helps you organize & keep track of all your craft goodies, projects and suppliers; generate detailed lists of your inventory, out of stock items, what you need for a project and where to purchase them from; and plan what supplies you need & calculate the cost for your upcoming projects.

Features of CraftMemo (from the website):

  • Easy to use and flexible record management system
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and search capabilites
  • Ability to upload images of your craft supplies and completed projects
  • Generate and print inventory, supplier, project requirements, out of stock lists
  • Import/Export data from commonly used Financial Applications (Excel, MYOB, Quickbooks, etc)
  • 24/7 access to your inventory and projects information from anywhere
  • 100% Web based. No downloads. No Installs. No Virus. No Spam.
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Zaadz: Planting the Seeds for Growth

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Connect. Grow. Inspire. Empower. That’s basically Zaadz in a nutshell. Ready to let go of your cynisism and search out a community of welcoming, diverse, open, and intelligent people. Give Zaadz a try. I did. And I love it. Only good things can come from stuff like this.

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43 Best Blogs Wiki

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A list of the supposed best 43 blogs on the Web. But it’s a wiki so it’s editable by anyone. Hmm.

How do we know that we have the right 43 blogs listed at any one time? Easy, you are the “we” at 43 Best. We are you. You spin me right round. Other lists depend on the work of one or two individuals. If you use this site please place the 43 Best badge on your site or at least blog about it – this gets more fun if more people know about it.

Add a blog, delete a blog. The answer to Web 2.0 is ’43’, so please leave the site with the same Zen as you found it. FYI – just click on approve to approve the links.

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What comes around: Tim Berners-Lee goes blog

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The inventor of the World Wide Web has joined the blogosphere. Below is his first post to his blog:

timbl’s blog | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs

So I have a blog

Submitted by timbl on Mon, 2005-12-12 14:52. ::

In 1989 one of the main objectives of the WWW was to be a space for sharing information. It seemed evident that it should be a space in which anyone could be creative, to which anyone could contribute. The first browser was actually a browser/editor, which allowed one to edit any page, and save it back to the web if one had access rights.

Strangely enough, the web took off very much as a publishing medium, in which people edited offline. Bizarely, they were prepared to edit the funny angle brackets of HTML source, and didn’t demand a what you see is what you get editor. WWW was soon full of lots of interesting stuff, but not a space for communal design, for discource through communal authorship.

Now in 2005, we have blogs and wikis, and the fact that they are so popular makes me feel I wasn’t crazy to think people needed a creative space. In the mean time, I have had the luxury of having a web site which I have write access, and I’ve used tools like Amaya and Nvu which allow direct editing of web pages. With these, I haven’t felt the urge to blog with blogging tools. Effectively my blog has been the Design Issues series of technical articles.

That said, it is nice to have a machine to the administrative work of handling the navigation bars and comment buttons and so on, and it is nice to edit in a mode in which you can to limited damage to the site. So I am going to try this blog thing using blog tools. So this is for all the people who have been saying I ought to have a blog.

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Balancing Mommy and Marketing

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Like most women, life is a constant struggle for balance between home and work. Mother and Marketer. So, lately, I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to put some systems in place to make my life easier and happier. Since I’ve never really done this before, I started from scratch. Thankfully there are a ton of resources out there. I thought I share some fo the tools I’ve found useful for trying (operative word) to balance my hectic family life with my busy work life.

PINK Magazine (magazine) – a new, but very promising magazine that helps women by addressing business and life/family issues. Great read, lovely to look at.

Real Simple – (magazine/web) hands down my favorite magazine. Strategies, tips and motivation for simplifying life on all fronts. Beautiful magazine packed with helpful articles.

Mobile Edge – (accessory) finally! Cute and sturdy laptop bags and briefcases. They’re darling, the work and they don’t cost a friggin’ fortune. Now to decide which one I want (too bad Lovcat hasn’t come out with some of these girlie laptop bags!)

Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way (book) – awesome book! This book saves tons of time and effort by providing seasonal menus and shopping lists. The food is fantastic (my son always wants to know if dinner is going to be from the book), easy to prepare, and healthy.

Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort and Joy (book) – mediation geared towards women. This book is how I start every day. It provides me with varied passages to mediate or ponder on. The topics range from style, decorating, to exercise and inner beauty. It’s truly a wonderful book.

More to come…

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Saving my memories online.

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As I’m watching the coverage on TV of hurricane victims in the Gulf states and fire evacuations in L.A. County (don’t ask me why I get only Southern Calif. stations when I live in Souther Oregon!), it makes me wonder what I would grab in an emergency and what I would miss most. Selling my dream house and the constant self inventory of recovery have lessened my overwhelming desire for “stuff,” so I’m pretty sure that most of my most treasured items would be sentimental: my scrapbooks, the kid’s art projects, pictures of loved ones, my grandpa’s purple heart. But I do take heart in knowing that a lot of my precious memories have been saved online in blog form and on photo sharing websites, such as KodakGallery (a lot of older pix) and Flickr (mostly newer). I would encourage any avid amateur photographer to utilize one or more of the many photo and file sharing services on the Internet. Just in case. 🙂

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What is a Blog?

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This is for my dear friends and family that have asked what the heck a “blog” is. Absolutely anyone with access to the Internet can have a blog just by clicking on the Blogger logo above. It’s easy and it’s fun and it’s cool. Weblog: “A weblog, web log or simply a blog, is a web application which contains periodic time-stamped posts on a common webpage. These posts are often but not necessarily in reverse chronological order. Such a website would typically be accessible to any Internet user. ‘Weblog’ is a portmanteau of ‘web’ and ‘log’. The term ‘blog’ came into common use as a way of avoiding confusion with the term server log. Blogs run from individual diaries to arms of political campaigns, media programs and corporations, and from the writing of one occasional author to the collaboration of a large community of writers. Many weblogs enable visitors to leave public comments, which can lead to a community of readers centered around the blog; others are non-interactive. The totality of weblogs or blog-related websites is usually called the blogosphere. When a large amount of activity, information and opinion erupts around a particular subject or controversy in the blogosphere, it is commonly called a blogstorm or blog swarm. The format of weblogs varies, from simple bullet lists of hyperlinks, to article summaries with user-provided comments and ratings. Individual weblog entries are almost always date and time-stamped, with the newest post at the top of the page. Because links are so important to weblogs, most blogs have a way of archiving older entries and generating a static address for individual entries; this static link is referred to as a permalink. The latest headlines, with hyperlinks and summaries, are offered in weblogs in the RSS or Atom XML format, to be read with a feed reader. A weblog is edited, organized and published often through a content management system or CMS.”

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