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Social bookmarking for the product and shopping obsessed.

Now that I no longer have the dough to shop-at-will, I still have an eye for style (bummer when your “eye” doesn’t match your pocketbook). At first I didn’t get the whole idea behind Stylehive, but I think I do now. I can’t help it. I just love stuff. I’ll never make a good Buddhist


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2 Responses to “Stylehive”

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I still don’t completely get stylehive, but I like stuff and I want to be mindful too. Maybe there’s room for me there…

Cute Maine Cottage stuff, by the way!

[…] That’s not to say, however, that marketing is dead. Marketing is very much alive. We still need information about products, perhaps now more than ever, in a post-scarcity economy, where we can’t have everything we want but we can have way more than we need. I regularly read Lucky and Domino magazines, so-called “shopping” magazines that have no actual articles. They gather together interesting products I might like to try. I go through and rip out pages with moisturizers that might fight the dry Denver air or lipstick in a pretty pinky brown that I don’t have yet, even though my drawers are filled with pinky-brown lipsticks. I mostly ignore the ads because the editorial picks are more intriguing, less blatantly commercial in presentation. I get ideas for books and music and household products I might like to spend my money on from friends, family, and other bloggers. I haven’t gotten immersed in Stylehive yet, but maybe it just takes a little while to get with the 2.0 product discovery program. I bet someday soon I’ll click over there when I want to find a new purse to replace my Coach logo bag. That is, unless Coach notices that one of their loyal customers is in need of some purchase suggestions. […]

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