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The Web Apps I Actually Use

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Fred at WeBreakStuff asked his readers what web applications they are actually using. Being the Web 2.0 beta ho that I am, I had to think about which apps I actually use on the Web versus what ajaxy sites are just fun to play with or look at. Below is the list I came up with:

What do you use?

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Posted on January 18, 2006. Filed under: media, newsvine, Web2.0 |

Newsvine Logo
Being the Web 2.0 beta whore (keep your elitist moaning to yourself!) that I am I try to apply for just about every new beta that catches my eye. I get excited, play with it for a few days, and usually move on to the “next big thing.” Every once in awhile I actually find something valuable that in some way makes my work and/or home life easier or better. Newsvine is my new favorite. I know it may not be the best and brawniest of the news aggregators or the coolest of the digg-style rating sites, but I’m in love with Newsvine. Love it, I tell you. I get my news and writing fix in an aesthetically appealing and clever way. My way. Don’t take my inexperienced word for it, go check out what some of the bigwigs in the blogosphere say:

From’s CEO, Mike Davidson:

Newsvine is a large-scale news media site which gives you almost all the same stories you read on sites like MSNBC and CNN but presents them in a much more attractive package. Attractive not just in looks but in function as well. At Newsvine, we feel strongly that an article’s life only begins the second it is published. It is only when readers interact with it that it achieves its full impact.

  • Mike Davidson also gives a long follow-up on Newsvine’s first day in private/public beta.
  • SolutionsWatch has an excellent and very detailed review in The First Look at Newsvine.
  • Om Malik gives some interesting company history on his blog.
  • Steve Rubel seems to like Newsvine, too, but does point out some flaws with how they aggregate news.

I’m not sure when they plan to come out of beta, so if you’re interested in an invite, please email me at zenrusty at and I’ll hook ya up.

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Tutorials Galore!

Posted on January 17, 2006. Filed under: tutorials, web design | Logo is an all-in-one, beautifully designed site that features tutorials (over 15,000) on just about every software application you might ever be interested in learning. The site includes a resource center, plug-in directory, and an active user forum.

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