Shut up, Madonna! Balance is the key.

Posted on October 19, 2005. Filed under: family, general, spirituality |

I spent most of my teenage and adult life looking up to Madonna and admiring her ability to successfully buck normality and just be herself. Recently, I felt almost like a kindred spirit in our parallel search for spirituality and interest in Kabbalah. Plus, we both have 2 kids. Geez, we’re practially sisters! But after reading the latest article on Madonna’s backlash on “permissive parenting,” frankly, I think she’s a rich, narrow-minded, elitist, arrogant know-it-all that is so caught up in her trendiness she can’t think straight. And how insulting to struggling parents all over the world, who sometimes need a video to settle kids down while they hurriedly make tomorrow’s lunches, do laundry and hem karate gi’s? How divine it must be to have so much confidence in yourself to always be so right about everything at any given moment and phase in your lifecycle.

Why does everything have to be so black and white, so this or that, so permissive or restrictive? When will we learn that we can be compassionate, giving human parents and provide our children with boundaries, rules and structure?  Will we ever get to a place where my parenting skills and philosophy aren’t exactly like yours, but you can at least respect my effort? Honestly, I don’t refute the goal of not creating emotionally stable adults. In fact, I embrace the idea and hope that I’m working towards that end by teaching my children balance in life.


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One Response to “Shut up, Madonna! Balance is the key.”

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Sounds very Buddhist! I completely agree. I don’t get why people think there are black and white answers to parenting, when there are so many factors influencing different family situations. I want my kids to understand the middle way too.

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